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Muscle tightness is caused by a decrease in the ability of the muscle to deform, resulting in a reduction in the range of motion at the joint on which it acts. This term has also been used to denote a moderate decrease in muscle length; usually the movement in the direction of the elongating muscle is limited. Muscle tightness is usually a result from inadequate or improper rehabilitation following sustained muscle injury or low levels of physical activity in individuals. It could make the musculo-tendinous unit more prone to injury, increase the resistance of various anatomical structures, which may lead to overuse syndrome. It could also lead to some pathological conditions at the joint on which the muscle acts, especially on the hamstrings…show more content…
The benefits of regular strength training exercise and cardiovascular exercise are well known, few people realize that flexible joints and regular stretching are also necessary for optimum health and activity.30

Usually, most stretching tends to be a very brief routine emphasizing more on the muscle groups of the lower body. Stretching should be performed both during warm-up before a workout routine and as part of a cool-down after the workout.30

For any person, whether an athlete or not, a regular stretching program can bring some interesting benefits. Research studies on hamstring injuries have shown that those people with the lowest flexibility have the highest chance of injury. The type of increased flexibility needed for reducing injury did not come from doing stretching exercises right before the activity. Rather, the increased flexibility required for fewer injuries came only from doing weeks of stretch training. Additional research has also shown that regular, intense stretching for a minimum of 10 minutes will bring about some beneficial changes in the neuromuscular–tendon units. Increase in strength and endurance gains have been reported as well as improved flexibility and

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