Muscular Endurance Research Paper

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Cardio Respiratory Endurance Cardio Respiratory Endurance is the ability for the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the body for a prolonged period of physical activity. The area of the body that this takes place in is the cardiorespiratory system (subsists of the heart, blood vessels, and respiratory system). The bellow figure shows the cardiorespiratory system. I tested my Cardio Respiratory Endurance by doing the beep test. As a result, I achieved an average score of 8.5. A table of scores and their ranks are on the bottom of page 3. How To Develop: You can improve your cardio respiratory fitness by executing any prolonged exercise that consolidates your aerobic energy system. However, to achieve optimum performance and results from your cardio respiratory fitness workout you should…show more content…
As a result, I achieved an excellent score for both exercises (continuous push ups: 31, continuous sit-ups: 41). Two separate tables for push ups and sit-ups scores and ranks are on page 6. How to Develop: To develop muscular endurance through exercise, you are recommended to perform exercises with low weight and complete a high number of reiterations/repetitions. Some exercises are listed below. Push ups: Push-ups are specifically aimed for your upper body and arms. To do push ups, lie down on the ground with your face looking straight downwards. Make sure your hands are slightly wider apart than your shoulder-width and your toes are you hip-width apart. In a calm motion, push yourself up, stiffen your core and keep your back straight. Slowly and calmly lower yourself down until your chest is approximately a fist-width of the ground then push yourself back up. Repeat this process for 15 to 25 reps. If you cannot repeat this for 15 to 25 repetitions with your toes on the ground, start with your knees on the ground. The key to building endurance is to do a high amount of
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