Musculo Skeletal System Research Paper

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The musculo skeletal is made of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The purpose of the musculo skeletal system is to protect , support and the overall function of the internal structures and organs of the body. Allow movement, give shape to the body, producing blood cells, storing calcium and phosphorus and producing heat. The skeletal system is made of bones and joints. The skeletal system provides the basic supporting structure of the body. It is made of the joined frame of bones called the skeleton. The human skeleton in a whole is made up of 206 bones in total.

Bone in the human body is a dry, dense tissue. Bone is made of a calcium-phosphorus mineral, organic matter and also water. Bone is covered with a living membrane called the periosteum this contains bone-forming cells, the osteoblasts. The centre of bone contains marrow. This where blood vessels, fat cells and tissue for manufacturing blood cells are all found. There are also four main shapes of bones. Flat for example the ribs, irregular for example the vertebrae, short for example the hand carpals, long for example the upper are humerus.
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Joints allow movement in the human body. The bones forming the joint are held together by ligaments. The 3 types of joints fibrous or immovable an example would be the skull. Cartilaginous or slightly moveable an example would be the vertebrae. Synovial or freely movable would include, ball and socket for example the hip. Hinge for example elbow, gliding for example the carpals at wrist and pivot for example the radius and ulna. Movement of bones in the human body. Abduction is the movement away from the body, adduction is the movement towards the body. Flexion is the bending a limb towards the body, extension is the extending a limb away from the body. Rotation is movement around a central
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