Mushroom Observation

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Michel plays the video, closely looking if the kid comes out of the washroom. The entire footage fineshes but the kid never comes out of the washroom. "Can you rewind please and pause it when the cleaner comes" said officer Brown to Michel. Michel rewinds the video and pauses it when the cleaner enters the washroom with the cleaning trolley. "Now please play it on normal speed and pause it when he comes out" requests officer Brown to Michel. After ten minutes the cleaner comes out and Michel pauses the video. "Michel can you please zoom at the bottom of the trolley" asks Officer Brown to Michel. Michel zooms at the bottom of the trolley and everybody gets shocked by what they see. "So, it`s him huh, I thought I saw something before"…show more content…
Within few years all of you will be turned into assassin. Ok, from now on you guys will be spilt into five groups. $#$#0$#$# 0-5 you are group A; Number 6-10 you are group B; Number 11-15 you are group C; Number 16-20 you are Group D; Number 21-25 you are group E and number 26-30 you are group F. Listen to me carefully, you kids will have lunch first and after that you will be taken to a training ground. If a single kid from a team scores less point then the whole team will lose. The team that comes last won`t get anything to eat for next 24hrs. The team that comes second last will have to do chores which includes cooking, washing, cleaning and everything. Now you guys sit and have lunch and today`s menu is porridge and omelette." exclaims Scot. "Yay..we get omelette today" exclaims another kid. Every single kid lined up to get the lunch. It was finally zero`s turn, the serving lady pours a cup full of porridge into the bowl and throws an omelette on the side of his plate. The porridge was watery, it was as if they just poured the porridge into the boiling water. Also the omelette was paper thin. He takes his plate and search for his group. He walks up to his group and sits beside number three. On the corner of the hall Scot is having chat with an old guy , who is wearing a red suit. The guy is bald and also has a cut mark below his right eye. "Boss, every kids in here are aged around 8-9 so I think we can achieve our results faster. We will be starting the experiment from today onwards." explains Scot to the old
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