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It can easily explain Chopin’s put the role of Etudes, as known as the ‘daily bread’ required his students to practice. Chopin likely to assigned the repertoire of musical exercise to his students with the consideration on the growth on being both ‘practical’ and ‘musical’, lead Chopin with an attitude on refinement’ to compose his Etudes of piano exercise with the combination of pianistic idea with artistry and the classification on each technical problems on finger dexterity.
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C. Music Analysis on Chopin’s Etudes
I. Score analysis on Op.10 No. 12 & Czerny Op.740 No.28
i) “revolutionary” Etudes Op.10 No.12
The “revolutionary”, as known as Chopin wrote this Etude with the purpose to express the national grief,Partition of Poland
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Firstly, Chopin’s etude indicate the phrasing of melody through the accent on upbeat, require pianist to spend to indicate the accent and the phrasing of melody shape, within the clarity of fingering on left hand. In the other-hand, Czerny demonstrates the similar 16th running notes and broken Arpeggio, with the use of different sequencing to help students on both flexibility and clarity of fingering. phrasing Figures
Chopin’s etude
---Bar 4-6 left-hand melody
Use of virtuosic 16th running notes to bring out the melody

Chopin’s etude
---Bar 15-16 right hand melody

- with the use of accent and phrasing

Czerny’s exercise
----Bar 29-30 right-hand melody

-Use of long sustained note,let performers focus on left-hand clarity technique in quiet hand positions.

Czerny’s exercise
----Bar 6 left-hand
-with the use of forzando (emphasis, similar as accent) in melody

Besides, there is a rapid change of dynamics and moods difference. In Chopin’s etude, it uses a lot of dynamic marking, to indicate it varies of change in self-expression. It shows the contrast between Czerny with the set of dynamics in the exercise in the way to achieve the goal of “clarity” especially in left-hand accompaniment, to strengthen the force from the finger in the quiet hand
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