Music Analysis: MTV

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Music plays a huge part in culture and creates a pathway for listeners to begin a new era. Although the love of music is consistently changing, new ideas adapt for the better of the future. August 1, 1981 was the day the people of America developed the idea of the century that has changed the world of music forever. The thought of a music channel on television might have sounded like a big joke but once someone gives it a try, there is no turning back. This channel had amazing, never seen before footage of the hit one had heard repeatedly on the radio come to life. In the footage the viewer will see the artists or band in front of them on their own screen singing and rocking out to what it seems to be a mini movie of their very own song. This…show more content…
With time changing, from the help from one of the biggest well known channel on television in the world; MTV continues what they have started since day one with minor changes to what type of action is being filmed and with each film being uniquely different in its own way while slowly transitioning the age of sounds, physical style, and theme. The choice of music being put on the channel does affect the way one might act and may affect grammar skills through learning new words and discovering different types of rhythms and sounds in the music video. It may dumb a person down and their capability to use educated words and respecting other people, but it is all on whom the person is, their environment one lives in, and if the music video being watched actually influences a person to act a certain way. Music itself plays a huge role on this but is very stereotypical depending on which genre is being listened and watched on this channel. Although parents and adults seem to hate on the music young adults and kids listen to today, the parent or adult needs to stop living in the past and live for the now, to become more involved in the new technological world and listen to a variety of music to keep updated on what is known to kids to be ‘cool’. MTV shows us the past, present, and future road of where and how music is changing, not only in the music videos but the culture that the music gives to the people. MTV continually stays as the number one music channel for years and many years to come. The channel also influences people to be who they are and to continue everyone’s “being a star” dream from when they created it when one was once little. The channel shows many opportunities for young talented adults to make it to the big leagues with the stars everyone knows today. Many big time
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