Music And Gender Issues In The Music Industry

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Gender issue in the United States has been a hot topic not just in other spheres of life, but also in the music industry. When seeing into the proportion of female and male artists it may not seem so. However, issues of equality between sexes such as equal opportunities, support and recognition in all genres of music are a regular outcry of Americans.

In United States societies gender stereotypes permeate in all domain of life including the music industry. Stereotypes are embedded in people’s mind at an earlier age in schools when selecting musical instruments. Studies conducted on music orchestra and school bands show the presence of sex-stereotypes at earlier stages of life. Often, male individuals are assigned to drums, guitars, trombones and trumpets due to the association of these instruments with masculinity. Whereas, flute, violin and pianos are viewed as feminine. These instruments that are socially associated with male and female are often constructed by parents, teachers and the media. This is viewed as huge contributor to reducing musical opportunities of both sexes.

Other gender issues that arise in United Sates music include the different gender roles observed in music videos and lyrics of the songs. In todays United States society issues of gender decency echo across the music industry. Women artist and dance performers are criticized for their provocative dance and outfits. This behavior of extreme sexual expression such as touching oneself, male artists,

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