Music And Festival Essay

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1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Apart from education, culture is another factor on the wheel of development of any nation. A society is distinguished from another as a result of culture. Culture constitutes the totality of customs, rituals, music, food, patterns of building houses, norms and values that regulate the people’s way of life. Music, festivals and tourist centres are part of culture (Nnamani, 2014). Music is the most widely practiced of all the arts in Nigeria. At any time of the night or day, somewhere in the land or sea, some type of music is practiced (Okafor 2009). Cardinal to this type of music is its integral relationship to life, life styles and patterns of the individuals within the communities and the wider societies. The relationship, similarity or differences between the music of these communities depend on the relationship between their languages and culture. Culture is the actual determinant of the type of music to be performed and it is called traditional or folk music.
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Qualitative because the study will aim at highlighting the role of music and festivals within the context of communication and its effect on brand perception. Quantitative because it will also take into cognizance an empirical study that will quantify the role of cultural music and festivals on the perception of Goldberg lager beer versus other forms of conventional communication.
Therefore this study focuses on establishing the extent to which cultural music and festivals affects the perception of brands within South West Nigeria at a socioeconomic level of C2Ds using questionnaire as a basis of measuring its effect, and structured/in-depth interviews and observations to establish the extent to which the culture is accommodative of this form of communication. It will also look into how receptive those directly affected by conventional forms of communication are to these forms of cultural
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