Music Appreciation Essay: Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Music Appreciation Essay Music today is something we can easily take for granted. Through class I have learned several important influences in music. The most significant composer in my opinion was Ludwig van Beethoven. I feel his works broadened music and took it to a whole new level. I also felt that the Classical Period was the most important for music as it brought some really great composers that changed the way music was being heard and created. Having played band in my middle school years I learned how difficult it can be to learn how to play an instrument and learned to appreciate music at that time. However throughout the years and being busy it appears I have lost that. Through this class I have been able to reconnect to that. Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany and early on was introduced to music as his family was composed of various musicians. At the age of 11 he was an assistant to a court organist, and at the age of 12 he reportedly…show more content…
Taking the time to listen to the full length of a musical piece gives me more appreciation for it, because even though I may not like the beginning of it I may like the rest of it. Listening to a full piece allows us to listen and hear what the composer was trying to reflect, whether it is soft and romantic love piece or powerful and dramatic like a war piece. I also enjoyed getting to listen and distinguish what instruments are being used. I hadn’t done that in a while but it was fun and makes you appreciate each instrument, because each instrument is vital in the making of a piece. Imagine Louise Armstrong’s songs without a trumpet, it would be dramatically different and would take away from the piece he made it to

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