Music Can Change The World Essay

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Music has been the lifeblood for many people across centuries with all its kinds and various instruments, the power of music has been evolving ever since the first instrument was invented. Many Musicians have perfected the art of music, an art so powerful it could change the very foundations of each and every human being, just as the great musician and composer Ludwing Van Beethoven said "Music can change the world", In order for the public to really understand Music and to get the full dose of this magnificent art, We need to understand its language and how to get it fully, but music isn’t another language to learn, it needs to be heard and be felt within the soul and heart, no matter what country we originate from, or what culture we were…show more content…
As there is so many forms of music in our world today, surely there are factors that determine what individuals listen to, the phycology of music preference is a studies the how music affects people's emotions, and how music provides means for self-expression, one of the factors is the person's personality for example whether that person is has a calm personality or a loud one, also the gender plays a big role in what music is heard, also the place or the culture that we originate from, nonetheless, music has no boundaries, we can hear Rap music being played in the middle east, while we may hear the voice of the Lebanese singer Fairouz being played in

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