Music Concert Critique

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I attended the Faculty Chamber Music Recital on Wednesday February 22nd. This concert featured three different musicians on four different instruments. Joseph Kromholz played the violin and viola, Alice Wang played the clarinet, and Cicilia Yudha played the piano. There was three different pieces between the three musicians. The first piece was the Sonata for Violin and Piano in G major, K. 379 by: W.A. Mozart. The second piece was the sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1962) by: Francis Poulenc. The third and final piece was the Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano in E-flat Major, K.498, “Kegelstatt”. All three pieces were intricate and very detailed in the way they were played. For example, in the first piece Kromholz played the violin by using the bow and also by plucking the strings with his fingers. The first piece was the Sonata for Clarinet and Piano by: W.A. Mozart. Joseph Kromholz was the main musician on the violin with accompaniment from Cicilia Yudha on the piano. This piece was played at a slower tempo that I compared to adagio but later in the piece the tempo increased in speed similar to allegro and then slows back down to adagio. Mozart also made the sonata very repetitive with many crescendos and decrescendos throughout the piece. The piece includes solos from both the…show more content…
This song featured Alice Wang on the Clarinet and Cicilia Yudha on the piano. This piece similar to the first changed tempos throughout the song. The song started at an allegro tempo then slowed down to adagio and then returned back to allegro. At the beginning of the piece it was in fortissimo and then progressively got quieter as the piece went along. The piano in this piece was not as prominent as in the first piece because the piano received no solo and also played soft the whole piece. The melody for the Clarinet in this piece was very simple which caused it to lack any exciting parts in my

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