Music Concert Report Sample

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On December 2nd, 2015 I went to see MTSU’s Jazz Ensemble I and II perform in the Wright Music Building on MTSU’s campus. The concert was held in room 107 which is the rehearsal hall. There not many people there, only ten to fifteen people at most at any given time. Everything was very informal and only students attended the concert. The students that were performing were dressed nicely, but casually. The concert started a few minutes early and the Jazz Ensemble II performed first, which I found strange. I did not recognize any of the songs performed but I did enjoy the concert. Apparently, the two ensembles were two different jazz classes and the Jazz Ensemble II focused on improvisation. The Jazz Ensemble I had graduate student composers and…show more content…
All the concert information was written on the board in the back, and I could not see it very well. For this ensemble I picked this piece as my favorite because I just did not like either of the other pieces. For the Jazz Ensemble I my favorite piece was the last one to be performed.
Ensemble I my favorite piece was the last one performed. Unfortunately, I do not have the name for this piece as I could not see the board. I liked this piece because the main solo and melody was played on an upright bass. I love the deep sound of this instrument and this piece was also uplifting and cheerful. All the pieces performed were performed well and there was nothing really to dislike about the concert all things considered. My least favorite piece from the whole concert was the last one performed by the Jazz Ensemble I. Most of the piece was improved solos and I just did not like most of them. The piece is titled “Shuffle Time” and it was quite long. I felt that many of the solos did not fit in with the music being played in the background. Everything seemed to be disorganized and I understand that the performers are learning, but a lot of the solos sounded choppy. Some of the music did not sound nice and I have never liked music that was improvised and I knew
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