Music During The Elizabethan Era

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Music during the Elizabethan Era is extraordinarily different than it is now. The Elizabethan Era was during the time of Queen Elizabeth I 's reign. During the Elizabethan Era music was used for many things just like it is today. Music was also an important form of entertainment during this time. Music during the Elizabethan Era had several composers, used many instruments, styles, and is different compared today 's music. There are several famous composers during the Elizabethan Era such as John Dowland, Thomas Tallis, Robert Johnson, etc. John Dowland was born in 1563. Some of his famous works include : “In Darkness Let Me Dwell”,”From Silent Night”, and “Lasso Vita Mia”. He also composed nearly 90 works for solo lute. Thomas Tallis was another famous composer. Thomas Tallis was born in 1505. A few of Tallis’s most famous compositions are “Salve Intemerata”, a seven-part mass, and an unnamed four-part mass. Robert Johnson was also one of many famous music composers. Johnson…show more content…
Different styles of music consisted: of church, court, town, street, and theater music. Church music was peaceful and is always in relation to religion. Court music was made up of strings and keyboard instruments. It also ranged anywhere between slow and fast tempo. Town music was played when nobility arrived, special occasions, or events. Each town also had their own band called waits. Waits normally played wind instruments like the shawm. Street music was often scorned as they were often beggars. Two known groups in street music were Minstrels and Trouveres. Minstrels played medieval music and played in the streets for money. Trouveres however, were more developed and were often asked by noblemen to play. Theatre music, another style, was not big until William Shakespeare used it in his plays. People enjoyed theatre music to where it would be odd not to hear music during a play. (Elizabethan Era Music Types of
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