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The articles are related to music generation features referred papers based on high standard with detailed and informative purpose and claims in order to be reviewed by other peers. Music generation research has approach human and science to make our life become more and more completed in many ways to enhance human cognition, emotion, physiology and endocrine throughout the experiments and study . In this paper we will be analyzing the benefits and effectiveness of music interventions helps people in many other fields like computation, data machine, entertainment and especially human cognition. There are eight sources below to illustrate the range of task and main purposes of music applying the electrophysiological, biochemical measurement…show more content…
Thoma and his colleagues Roberto La Marca,Rebecca Brönnimann,Linda Finkel,Ulrike Ehlert,Urs M. Nater are the professor of Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, University of Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland mention about the benefits of music to our health by reducing the levels of stress in the article “The Effect of Music on the Human Stress Response” by the research to have a deep understanding of music to endocrine, autonomic, cognitive and emotional stress response. Thoma and his colleagues brings out the reason music has beneficially affect the cognitive, physiological and emotional domains to human’s in the term of stress-related problems. In order to test out the effect of music to scandalized the stress over those domains, they have randomly sixty health female in their 25s into 3 groups to test the stress level by listening to relaxing music, sound of ripping water and rest without the acoustic stimulation. The result is really amazing that relaxing music can make a big decrease in the stress response among all of the groups compared to the group listening to sound of ripping water. Through the experiment , Thoma and his colleagues indicate the effect of music toward the nervous systems as well as lower the psychobiological endocrine and stress response in human…show more content…
In the article, Keith and Hughes outline the rise of the pop culture among the Japanese young schoolgirls, the comparison between girls groups from different point of musical genre boundaries . By describing the evolution of the idol together with the growth of media industries, the female idols nowadays embody the set visual performative and kawaii characteristics that focus on innocence and youth. They give out comparison of the performance of girls in AKB48 as , Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal to describe how their music are affected to satisfy the male gaze in terms of musical genre . They also mention the reason why the performers are lack of the power of management in making their own decisions on writing songs, defining their style and promotion . The domination of male in their fandom make the big influence on their commodification among the girlgroup in popular culture and especially in their repeatable, performable behaviours. Finally, Keith and Hughes determines that not only the vocalization , behaviors but also age - limited concepts also limit the girl groups’

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