Music History From Medieval Period To Baroque Period

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Development of music history from Medieval period to Baroque Period Music exists in every known cultural group of the world and it is likely to have existed among the ancient ancestral communities. Music may have started in Africa, having existed for at least 55,000 years before evolving into an essential constituent of human life. Different people have different perspectives towards music. For instance, some may take music as jazz set, an orchestral symphony, an electronic beat or even a simple thing as the chirping of birds. Music has both positive and negative effect on humans and it depends on how it is applied. There are several theories that regard where and when the music originated. The historiographers pointed out that there are different periods of music with each period having its own characteristics, its composers, its instruments, its rhythm and significance to the existing music today. The first three periods; Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque are expounded in this essay. The periods span through different times albeit some overlapped one another. The essay also focuses on the common factor that triggered the existence of the music periods and its impacts on each period. The first period in music history is the Medieval, also called the Middle Ages, which instigated after the collapse of Roman Empire and prevailed between 450 and 1450 AD. This period was an era of Western music and begun with the Georgian chant (plainchant). The plainchant was monophonic;
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