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Through the years of 1558 and 1603, Elizabeth I was the queen of England. This time was known as the Elizabethan era. The queen loved music and dance so much, that both were an integral part of the Elizabethan’s lifestyle. The Elizabethan era had many different types of music and dance. There were different aspects of music and dance and all often reflected the Elizabethan’s way of life.
The Elizabethan people thought of music as being powerful and wonderful (“William”), and according to Linda Alchin’s website, music was important in Elizabethan life. To the Elizabethan people, music was a form of entertainment (“Music”). Everyone loved music, and to them, music allowed creative expression (Mahabal). Types of Elizabethan music included court, church, town, street, theater, consort, and house music.
Everyone in the Elizabethan court was required to play an instrument (Alchin “Elizabethan Music”). Even the most difficult instruments, which were the stringed instruments, needed to be played. There were many instruments in court music; the viol, the spinet, and the hautboy, were just a few of them that were played (Mahabal). Queen Elizabeth was taught how to play music in school, and music was taught in school while she was queen (Alchin “Elizabethan Music”). According to Alchin’s website, Queen Elizabeth employed more than seventy singers and musicians. Among her favorites were Robert Johnson,Thomas Campion, and William Byrd (“Music”). Aside from court music,

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