Johnny Cash Rapping

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No matter who you are or where you are, you will always be listening to music regardless if you’d want to or not. Though you may have different taste in music, you will always listen to some genres that you do not like. Some people will try to find themselves in other music and be inspired by the same subject. But someone had to be the first to get the idea of music and other just came along and changed it to their prospective along the journey of hundreds of musicians that made it and tons more than didn’t make it, they still pursued it because it was what they enjoyed and what they found to be what is most important to them.
Rapping has come a very long way from people doing it how they would back in the day and how there is a complete different style today. For example 2pac was in
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Johnny Cash is one of the most known country singers, he would come to be inspired by different things as gospel and outlaw country. Johnny Cash was first found when he was a child at the age of 12 very interested with a guitar people were very impressed. At the same time he learned how to write music through years when he became a highschool student he would be good enough to get on the radio at his local radio channel. More people started hearing him by the one time on the radio. As he grew he got together with two other guitarist and with the song I walk the line they came together then it had became a million selling record. What encouraged this song was before he joined anyone he kicked his drug addiction. Another hit that he got because of kicking his alcohol and drug addiction was “The Ring of Fire” he says many lines but he keeps repeating the line “i overcame the ring of fire” as in he overcame his drug and alcohol use. He was signed with a record label called columbia records, at the time they would only sign very high quality stars that were making top
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