Essay On The Invisible Man

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“It’s use his protest as a sounding brass to frighten him into silence, it’s beat his ideas and his hopes and homely aspirations into a tinkling cymbal!” (Ellison 342)
Black people are constantly protesting, but they are getting nowhere. He uses music to represent that their ideas are not reaching the right people or enough people in order to cause any drastic change. This reflects the limitations of the strict ideology surrounding social issues. Black communities were protesting but it was only really affecting the people who were just following orders from people higher up. “They had touched upon something deeper than protest or religion; though now images of all the church meetings of my life welled up within me with much suppressed
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He later found a string that made the doll move. Clifton making the doll dance with invisible string represents the Brotherhood secretly controlling their colored members in order to serve their own agenda. Clifton must have realized that, which explains why he left. It also relates to how the invisible man has been a puppet all his life, and has been manipulated throughout the book. This constant manipulation has hindered his search for identity because everytime he thinks he has found a purpose, he is just being placed in a position so that he can be used like a…show more content…
He is supposed to be their puppet, a tool for them to use in order to spread their own ideas without personally dealing with anything. This represents their strict ideology because even though they advocate for equality, they still use and manipulate black people in order to get what they want. They want to focus on the big picture and political power more than the immediate social issues going on in Harlem. The Brotherhood refuses to believe their puppet when he tells them that the people say the Brotherhood betrayed them, and they continue to go through with plans that have not been working because they are stuck in their own world and their own
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