Music In The Killer

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The role of the music in the film “The Killer” is to enhance feelings of observers: this is evident from repetition of one music during sad scenes, from dynamic music during tense scenes and from the lyrics of the songs of Jenny.
The music in the film enhances our feelings about sad scenes. The director used one music several times for the sad scenes. First time we hear this music in the church after shooting in the restaurant, Ah, John is shot and bullets are taken from his back, his face shows suffering and at the same time, he feels sorry about Jenny. After that, the scene immediately transfers with the song to Jenny in the hospital realizing that she cannot see clearly. We see sorrow of the scenes and hear background music; however, it will not give us the final enhancing effect yet. Then we hear this music when Ah, John calls to Jenny and says that he is going to take her medicines, at that moment the atmosphere where he stands close to the sea in the darkness, worrying about Jenny and lying to her makes me feel empathetic and sorry for his condition. In the final scene when Li sees that Ah, John is almost dying, when Ah, John and Jenny creep and try to reach each other this sad piano music comes to culmination of my feelings and make it the saddest moment. The role of music is significant since I have heard it in sad moments; therefore, at final scenes it reached its highest degree. This music appears in scenes with Jenny and Ah John Then we hear this music in the
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