The Importance of Marketing in the Music Industry

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In the 1920’s, music recording and radio broadcasting changed the way people perceived music. It became a treat for some and for the lucky ones-it became a career. It all started with people’s desire to hear their favorite artists-perform their famous songs. Figuring out how to market these songs and letting people hear what they wanted to hear on the radio became what we know today as the Music Industry. Throughout the years, the music industry has continued to make it possible for us to listen to the music we want, see the artists we want to see, and, in some cases, it has allowed other talented people become the artist. So why is it that artists are not making the living that they should anymore? Could the record companies and labels…show more content…
There are more than just studios, labels, and artists that make up the industry. For instance, how about all of the people who work in support of the industry. The music industry by itself, is made up of a number of different areas. Concerts, music publishing and licensing, artist management, and fine arts outlets such as symphony orchestras all play important roles in the field (Vaughn 2013). It can be argued that marketing has given many of the creative industries new and opportunities for artistic self-expression, in film, design, writing, music and more (Krzysztof, Croft 2004). To have a career in the music industry, the artist should have a manager to act as their representative to the record company. With the significant drop in album sales, artists now have to rely on the revenue they make from touring and preforming as their main income so they will also need an agent to manage their live performance career. Over the last decade, the music festival sector has grown and has been the way most popular musical artists have been able to sustain their living. Plus, there are even more people that are involved with supporting a musical act, or concert, such as the promoters, venue operators, ticketing companies, suppliers, and contractors. These people are who put on the show once it is booked by the agent. The people who occupy these jobs that are supporting musical artists are also affected when the record companies and labels fail to adapt to new

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