Music In The Sixties

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The nineteen-sixties influenced music of many different genres and styles. The most popular genres of music during the Sixties include; folk, country, jazz, pop, reggae, and rock, which were altered and upgraded to fit the constantly adapting music taste of those who listen. During the Sixties, lyrics began to tell a more realistic, eye-opening story, and provided emotional insight from the perspective of the song writter. Many bands in the Sixties wrote their own music, giving it unique, individual features and qualities. Newly developed characteristics and frequencies gained the interest of young listeners as their music taste changed and developed throughout the decade. Folk music was brought into popularity well before music was able…show more content…
Rock music combined the sounds of Rock and Roll with Pop and composed of lyrics that were more harsh and self conscious. The style of music and it 's commonly played frequencies changed with an importance of prolonged instrumentals. The most famous Rock bands of the Sixties, out of many, include the Beatles, and Pink Floyd. The Beatles and Pink Floyd both became two of the greatest bands of all time. The Beatles opened the door to Progressive Rock, and inspired many new bands to begin performing. Pink Floyd, with their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and extended instrumentals, also inspired the beginning of new bands and styles of music. In Sixties Rock music, the synthesizer was at its peak popularity, as well as other instruments such as, Cowbells, Triangles, Tambourines, and Keytars. The increased use of percussion instruments gained attention and spread to other genres of music as well. Rock was particularly influenced by the experimentation of musical chords and lengths. Choruses did not repeat themselves, and the lyrics of each song told an ongoing story with new details as the song progressed. The lyrics of Rock music possessed a realistic value, describing things that often times were experienced by the

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