Popular Music's Negative Effects On The Music Students

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This paper presents the discussion on how popular music can have the greatest impact on the music students’ behavior of the students of the College of Performing and Visual Arts in Silliman University. The first part talks about popular music influencing bad values on the students’ behavior. The second part contains how it (popular music) can discourage patriotism among these students. The third part addresses the deprivation from their own culture, the Filipino culture. Popular music can greatly influence bad values on the students. We all know for a fact that teen agers really look up to music. What the concern really is that music sometimes can take over the minds of these teen agers. Especially students now a day, tend to listen to music while studying to help them “concentrate”. Although music really is an admirable music or in other words, teen agers get influenced by it positively, there are some reasons why music causes bad values on the students. First, the songs student’s listen too contains vulgarity. Second it misleads its listeners. Lastly, it shows indecent values. Through these claims we see why music students are becoming negative…show more content…
Sub – genres of popular music, especially hip hop, creates a negative view on popular music. This way, it can be good to listen too but has a hidden meaning to it. Parents become more concerned with their children at a minor age. Although the kind of music that the students are listening too are good in their own opinion, there are risky situations that happens to them which they are unaware of. Pancare, R. (2013), mentions that Hip-hop as a genre of popular music is mostly a target of parental concern. This started in the 70’s where people were experiencing drug abuse. Today it’s sense of actions being presented is being accepted by teens. This is one way of expressing anger through rap and no through physical

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