Music Affects Human Behavior

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Music is one of the oldest cultures in the world and it has been existed longer than the language which is more than 3000 years ago. People have been wondering what does music actually means? There are so many theories about music definition; however there has been no confirmed answer to this question. Music is very unique and it plays different roles in different people’s lives. Music has different meaning to each individual and because of that it is impossible to conclude a definition, however the meaning of music can be explained through opinions rather than fact. Nowadays, music plays important parts in human life. It can be said that every day we play and hear music and it is impossible for not to hear once. For some people, music is…show more content…
Firstly, negative music do affects individual behavior. Due to the bad contents of music, it will slowly affect the behavior of listeners. For example, a studies show that people who saw violent music video has greater acceptance of the use of violence. (Tropeano, 2006). If they are constantly watching those types of music videos, it will definitely affect their daily life especially for the adolescent. As stated in his article, those music videos are so appealing to them and because most of the adolescent are still at phase of learning based on what they saw, this is not good for them as it can affect their future. Not only that, if they are enjoying listening to heavy metal and rock music, it also worries many people as these types of music are greatly associated with an increased risk on suicide.(Gonzalez, 1999). This type of music can sometimes signify substance abuse and risk taking behavior. The depression caused by listening to heavy metal music can lead to suicide and infliction of self harm. (Roberts, Christenson & Gentile 2003). Nowadays, most of us knew that the statistics of committing suicide is much higher compared to the previous years and one of the factors that contribute to it is because of the depression. Considering those higher statistic data, it can be said that these type of music are dangerous to…show more content…
A research show that the average students listen up to five hour of music or more than that. Gonzalez (2009) stated that by listening to music, it can affect their school work. Sometimes, it can distract them from finishing their school work. We knew that some of the students prefer to hear music while studying, but it do have negative effects which will caused them to stay away from doing all those works. For example, a research show that when they are listening to music while studying for exam or trying to type a paper work, they often find themselves sing along to whatever song is playing, instead of staying on task and keep doing it. In addition to that, I find it hard to memorize the notes, numbers, facts or elements in periodic table in order when I’m listening to music because those music lyrics sometimes distract me and it is difficult for me to memorize it even though I love to listen to music when studying. So, as a conclusion I strongly suggest that, it is not advisable to listen to music while studying because somehow it will affect you when doing your school work or
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