An Analysis Of Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

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Music, their is music all around us even if we don't know it. The Music that we hear everyday gives people feelings, it may be sadness, anger, happiness and many more emotions. The lyrics or the tone of a song can help people release emotions also. One of my favorite quotes about music is, "Where words fail, music speaks", said by Hans Christian Andersen. The song and artist that this essay is about "Remember This" by NF. NF is an fantastic artist, his genres are Hip Hop and Christian Hip Hop. He is a singer, rapper, and songwriter. He wants to show people that you can make a rap song and actually not cuss in it. The song "Remember This" is about growing up and looking around at the people that sorround you. Also, to not be friends with the people who are going to leave after something bad happens but to be friends with the people who are going to stick by you. It…show more content…
When people are rich it doesn't necessarily mean that they are happy. They would be much happier if they sorround themselves with people who don't care about their titles or how rich they are. No one really wants to be around people who only care about their money and are phony. Money and material things don't make a person who they want to be, its the goodness in their hearts that make's them who they are. After all people think that money is so important but they can't take it to the grave with them.

In conclusion NF's song are very enlighting if you listen to his lyrics. His lyrics really "speak to you" and teaches people some really good life lessons. It's pretty amazing that he can get through to people and have so much knowledge of life at his age. He is a great artist for young kids and adults to listen to. He doesn't css in his songs and stays true to his beliefs. We should all strive to make great accomplishments in life and contribute something to society. We should all be who we are in the inside and not rush growing

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