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Review of Related Literature In this study the review of related literature talks about the variety of literature that related to the case study on the effect of Music Therapy to the cohort of children with ADHD.
Music Therapy Music Therapy is considered a related service modality in special education (IDEA, 1997). Music therapy is essential concept in expressing someone’s emotions; it is helps to alter negative moods and behavior of child with disability. It calms the minds and soul of every child. It helps to renders negative moods and feelings and reduces stress and depression that neutralizing the inner self. It can also help to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities of various kinds.
Music is an ancient method for
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From Bailey (2010) music therapy is just an alternative intervention to enhance the main treatment and make it more effective especially when working in a social situation, creatively using music can help a child better understand the frustrations of others, by the type of music their peers have chosen to express their feelings. Children with ADHD can also express their own feelings through their choices. It adds an extra dimension to learning social skills. The related literature above emphasized the importance of music therapy to the children with disability particularly children with ADHD. Music therapy for Children with ADHD can help in terms of socialization and interaction. The researcher relate this study to the two related literature above because it focus about children with ADHD and how Music Therapy affect their behavior and how they deal with their disability while conducting a Music Therapy.
Music therapy can bring out the hidden talent of children about music related and a happy experience for children with ADHD. According to the medical review of Bass (2011) one of the great pluses of music therapy is that children don’t need any musical talent to benefit from it. Sometimes children with ADHD symptoms are quite creative, and music therapy can bring out their hidden musical
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According to Dr. Tali Shenfield of University of Toronto, music has structure, and ADHD patients’ minds need this structure to go through the daily activities of life. Music gives them the much-needed organization to help them strategize, forestall and respond to the things around them. Music influences mood and reduces impulsiveness and the symptoms of restlessness. Music also alleviates anxiety and stress in the body, and children with ADHD often feel anxiety and stress.
Music Therapy helps children with ADHD in reducing anxiety, depression and anxiety. Quoted from the study of Orenstien (2011) “Music is an age-old way to heal, and it works exceedingly well for children with ADHD,” says Doris Jeanette, PsyD, a psychologist in Philadelphia. “Music reduces the anxiety you have in your body, and when you’re talking about kids with ADHD symptoms, all they have is anxiety.” The studies above was related to ADHD and discussed how important the importance of music in making a calm atmosphere for the child in order for them to improve attention, increase focus for academic purposes and to reduce their hyperactivity. The researcher relate the literature above to this study because it focuses about the children with ADHD and what is the effect of Music Therapy in term of reduce their restlessness/anxiety or impulsivity/hyperactivity and to increase their

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