Music's Effect On Emotions

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Music has been around for thousands of years; over the years music has experienced change in the writing, instruments, and even the way that we sing it.
Music has different effects on our ability to feel emotions, can affect our body, and it can even be used as a method for therapy. Point 1: Music’s effect on emotions
The effect of music on emotions can be, every so often, obvious and you can tell when it is happening. An easy example can be after a long day of working, getting home and relaxing with your favorite playlist of music. Your state of relax will be faster with the music. Other times it isn’t easy to feel this effect, it can happen when you are going to work, focused in your meetings, or when the DJ plays your favorite
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Brain wave entrainment has been described by Barry Goldstein from conscious lifestyle magazine. Brain wave entrainment consists of the brain synchronizing to specific musical frequencies measured in hertz. Different frequencies can make you feel differently, for example beta waves which have a hertz level of 14 to 40 is usually used to stay awake and keeps you at a normal alert, while alpha waves have a frequency of 8 to 14 hz and they make you more relaxed, this makes it perfect for meditating, reflecting and taking a break from work. Then there is the theta waves which stand around 4 to 8 hz and the effects of it are deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery this usually happens when you are daydreaming and lastly there is the delta waves this are around of 0 to 4 hz the effects of the delta waves are Deep, dreamless sleep which usually happens during REM sleep. These waves happen to all of us during the day and night. During the day nearly all of us are in beta waves which means that we are aware of our surroundings and and our brain is working at a pretty fast pace. As the day goes on we start relaxing and slipping down into more laxed frequencies. That's when the alpha waves come in, at that moment we start breathing slower and your heartbeat slows down. As you keep going down into a deeper state of relaxation the theta waves start to…show more content…
A study done by the Health Services of Research & Development of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs shows that, after teaching veterans with significant PTSD symptoms to play guitar and read music charts for six weeks, and then giving them their own guitars, showed that some PTSD symptoms were starting to diminish. It additionally showed that the music therapy was effective in reducing depression and improving health and life
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