Music: The Impact Of Music Education On Academic Achievement

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Tarek Amr Dr. Soad Khalil Eng 102 December 7, 2015 Research Paper: Music: The impact of music education on academic achievement Introduction: Music is a form of art that is expressed through sound that has been around for more than 55000 years, music has been found in every known culture and varied widely between time and places. Music has been around throughout all history until our present generation and will remain forever. Music education is a field of study where a person gets to learn the fundamentals of music and specialize in one of the categories on music ex. Learn to play on an instrument, sing or even compose. Music education developed throughout history, at early stages of life music education wasn’t recognized by scholars or…show more content…
The first singing school was formed in 1717 in Boston for the drive of improving singing and reading in the churches. These schools started to spread increasingly fast into other school districts and in no time music expanded in every grade levels and there was a huge improvement in the teaching and music curriculum and by the end of 1864 they have spread through the country. Music education developed rapidly and had major international theories and the most significant are Dalcroze method, Kodály method, Orff Schulwerk and Suzuki method these theories took the music education to a new level, it allowed students to gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that engages all of the senses. Now on the subject of academic achievement it’s the scope where a student reaches his educational role with high scores or even highest honors, it’s a goal that every student is pursuing, it comes through hard work and studying. Academic Achievement differs from a person to another, there performance is linked to differences in intelligence and personality. Students with higher IQ (intelligence quotient) level tend to achieve…show more content…
Theories on the effects of music education on the brain, and scientific data on how music education enhances other abilities and the student psychology have been gathered from online books and academic journals. The researcher has conducted interviews with a Music teacher for the sake of gathering primary qualitative data. Also a survey has been sent to respondents of different age groups and music and non-music educated students for the sake of both quantitative and qualitative data gathering. Regardless of the boundaries of the small sample size, the responses provide useful perceptions on how they think music education affects academic achievement. Analysis of responses has revealed a lot about their opinion on music education and a further future recommendation on improving it in

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