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To The Stage is one of my favorite songs by Asking Alexandria and is also one of my favorite music videos. Asking Alexandria is a metal core band that formed around 2003.("Asking Alexandria.") In this music video they portray everything that a normal rock star is into drugs, women and playing music. In the beginning of the video they show at first a pill falling from the air, their prep before the concert where there out and about shopping and at the arcade doing their thing. Then they get a call that say's they have to set up early. It shows them for a few short seconds playing and then jumps to an after party. Danny Worsnop the lead singer is having a great time, then his drink gets spiked by his hook up for the night, he ends up dead at the end of the video. Some people would call them drug promoters, I would want to say that this group made this video so they can show audiences how irresponsible their life style is to scare them out of doing it.
Instead of writing them off a party promoters, I can conclude they are only saying beautiful women are dangerous,
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It does this by showing how distraught Ben Bruce was when he found Danny dead at the very end of this video. The pathos in this video is tricky because the video doesn’t cause pathos with out the music in a lot of movies they run into the same problem without the music the pathos would not be at all strong. This song is an upbeat party song. The song and the video work together to definitely make the night seem regretful. The music and video used pathos to create excitement, sadness, anger and joy all in one song. They did this through scene transitions and having the music exactly on point. Pathos created the excitement because of the party the sadness when Danny died the anger in the beginning where it shows them working the grind and joy from the way they looked when they played

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