Music Video Analysis: Just The Way You Are

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Just the Way You Are is a song recorded by American vocalist songwriter Bruno Mars. It was discharged in the United States on December 14, 2009. It has likewise gotten airplay from AOL Radio 's New Pop First station. The verses of the song and music are outwardly mirrored to audience. Bruno Mars makes pictures out media tape in the tape in the video, which was propelled by the Artwork of Erika. The tradition of this sort of music is that the craftsman plays the primary part of the music video, close by the Nathalie Kelley. In Just the way you are; Bruno Mars music video there gives off an impression of being a love story, of a couple, and the amount Bruno Mars loves Nathalie Kelley and how he thinks she is immaculate the way she will be, she doesn 't have to change furthermore signs his sentiments about her. He additionally makes Nathalie Kelley 's face out tape 's media tape and then plays the piano towards the end of the video, revealing to us he is likewise musically capable, that he can play the piano and sing. There are very few successive cuts and the vast majority of the camera shots are medium or zoomed into the faces of the characters to see the response and facial appearances. The emotions indicated by the characters were glad, smiley, blissful and calm and it runs well with the class of the music. This help fabricates calm, unwinding and agreeable mood on the screen. They likewise altered the video by utilizing quick movement when Bruno Mars makes pictures out of

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