Musical Analysis Of Idea B

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I think that there are two musical ideas in this piece with the pattern AABBAAB. Idea A starts at the beginning and ends at 0:16, then repeats itself until 1:21. Idea B occurs during 1:22-2:17 with a saxophone carrying the melody of the piece. Idea B is started again during 2:18-3:17 but this time, a piano takes the melody. Idea A begins again at 3:18-3:45 and repeats again at 3:46-4:15. The song ends with Idea B at the start of 4:16. Unity and variety is put in this piece through dynamics, timbre and pitch. The song adds variety by increasing the volume during Idea B. Idea B is unified in the piece keeping the same instruments as Idea A to keep the rhythm. The dominant instruments during Idea B introduces new sound sources and adds variety to the piece. The overall pitch of this piece is low but the piano during 2:18-3:17 gives variety by introducing a higher pitch.…show more content…
I think that this piece has many characteristics similar to jazz music. For example, the saxophone and piano pieces during 1:22-3:17 are improvised. This piece also incorporates characteristics of folk music, like jazz, by giving this piece a utilitarian purpose with an association with dancing or celebration. This piece has a connotation to me because it is similar to music that is played at most Mexican restaurants. Hearing this piece reminds me of the good times my family has when we go out to

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