Literature Review On Western Musical Instruments

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1.2 Literature Review
In Frank Harrison’s book European Musical Instruments, he gives a very detailed account of the history of western musical instruments and how they were developed and modified over the years. He also speaks of the purpose they were created for and the music they were intended to play. In chapter three, he speaks of the years 900A.D. to 1300 and the Christian institutions and Arab influences on the creation of instruments during this time. In chapter six, he speaks of Baroque splendours and the effect of national diversity in Europe between 1610-1750. In chapter nine, reproduction, mass production and cultural interchange from 1918 onwards are discussed as the instruments have been standardized by this time. The book has
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The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper published the review written by Wesley Gibbings on Thursday 23rd April 2015. The review highlighted the young student performers who played Latin Jazz on mainly western musical instruments. Besides “a variety of event management mishaps”, Gibbings said that the music was enough to redeemed the evening. The students performed many Latin jazz favourites such as Paulia by Pepe Rivero, Kaiso Kaiso by Chantal Esdelle and Sandunga by Arturo Sandoval. Instruments such as the guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and keyboard were among those of western heritage. Gibbings used words and phrases like precise, soulful, showmanship, speed and artful treatment to describe the abilities of the performers. He mentioned that saxophonist Joshua Khan and trombonist Michael Rodriquez were special and had distinct talent that caused them to stand out. At the end, Gibbings stated that the event was under-promoted and called the performances “beautiful, glowing candles under the…show more content…
The article named Ryan conducts youth, pros in breath taking concert was written by Michael Tikasingh and published on Sunday 18th November 2012. The concert was a benefit for the NGO Heroes Foundation that took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on November 11th. The concert featured Trinidad grown conductor Kwame Ryan who has made a name for himself in Germany and France. The benefit hosted professional musicians from nine different nations and a number of local student musicians looking for exposure. The programme used only western musical instruments. All orchestral with the exception of the bandoneón which was featured instrument. The genres included classical and the Argentine tango with the latter being the most used style of night. The high level of difficulty in the music was obvious to musicians as well as non-musicians. The intention was to encourage and inspire young local musicians to aim for a higher level of

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