Musical Milestones In Popular Music

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Musical milestones in popular music: Mobility between the Popular music and the Traditional/Cultural fields. Tahitian musicians easily adapt what they hear to their own musical repertoire (Yves Roche and Heitapu Chang, pers.comm., 25 September 2013), including jazz, American and French popular songs (from which the valse tahitienne [Tahitian waltz] genre emerged), blues-rock (leading to the “jeck” style in the 1960s) and rhythms derived from Latin music such as the bolero and the bossa nova, which infused in ʻukulele strumming. Coincidently with the adaptation of non-Polynesian musical genres during the twentieth century, Tahitian musicians have introduced Western musical instruments such as electric keyboards, beatboxes, and the electric guitar which Polynesians like playing with many effects, such as the echo (“Echoplex”). From these influences, Tahitians have composed their own repertoire, where the poetry, the emotional load and the lyrics phraseology prevail over musical originality. Literary arts, including ʻōrero, have had a deep influence over the themes and the structure of contemporary songs, whether in traditional arts (‘aparima) or in popular music (Colson 2017 (forthcoming)). This permeation is enacted through the work of singers-songwriters that may participate in both genres, such as Patrick Amaru (Best Author prize in the Dance category at the Heiva 201615 and author of a number of popular songs), Coco Hotahota, Angelo Neuffer or Aldo Raveino. Themes in

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