Musical Theatre: Jerome Robbins And West Side Story

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Tg beneath the surface” (Weakland). Jerome Robbins fully integrated all of the elements of musical theater including music, lyrics, book, and dance to produce something entirely unique. Jerome Robbins was changing the face of musical theater entirely. West Side Story also broke the rules in a thematic way. West Side Story was the first show to portray that musicals could be based on painful stories. Painful stories that “force people to confront their most dangerous internalized philosophies” (Weakland). Without the production of West Side Story, other shows like Urinetown and Assassins probably wouldn’t have been produced. Because of Jerome Robbins and West Side Story, musicals could show the ugly side of human nature and plots could be…show more content…
His pieces are branded by “the intensity and compactness of their expression and wide variety of mood” ranging from reflective and emotional to upbeat and comical. “He had the ability to make the most complex movement appear effortless, and totally reflective of the musical score, as if it were created spontaneously for that exact moment in time” (New York City Ballet). One of Jerome Robbins biggest impacts on the world of musical theater was that he redefined theater dance “as an integrated, dramatic element of musicals, setting out to demonstrate that artists like himself need not divide their artistic works from their commercial works, but could create at their highest level for the Broadway stage” (Smith). Robbins had a curious mind and wanted to “explore new influences and ideas”…show more content…
The CAT scan showed that the entire right side of his brain had filled with large amounts of blood (Vaill). His doctors had come to the conclusion that there was nothing else they could do for him. He was sent home and brought back so that his loved ones could say their good-byes. Four days later, at the age of 79, Jerome Robbins passed away. Jerome Robbins “left behind a legacy that to this day continues to be performed and honored” (Vaill). He was a key component in some of Broadways most famous productions that have embodied a golden age. The “lights on Broadway’s theaters would be dimmed for a moment and the flags at Lincoln Center lowered to half-mast” (Vaill). The world will always remember the man who provided an “indelible stamp” (Vaill) on musical theater and

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