Muslim Community In Hong Kong

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Islam and Chinese Culture
The questions I would like to discuss in this essay:
1. What are the major Muslim communities in Hong Kong?
2. What are the characteristics of Muslim community in Hong Kong?
3. How do Muslim communities adapt to the local society of Hong Kong?
4. Do the local government and local enterprises provide enough supports to the Muslim community?
5. What are misunderstandings the local Chinese have towards the Muslim communities?
5.1 How do the misunderstandings affect the Hong Kong society?
5.2 How can we eliminate these misunderstandings?
In Hong Kong, there are about 250,000 Muslims, half of them are Indonesian domestic helpers and the rest are mainly South Asians and Hui Chinese. These Muslims have been living in
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Most of them have low education and skill level. so they are more likely to be discriminated or even maltreated by their employers. They do not have the bargaining powers. So, comparing to the Muslims who work in the local companies, they just have a lower status in the Muslim community in Hong Kong. When they are facing the obstacles, such as the language barriers, discrimination and the maltreatments from their employers. They cannot find the channels to seek for helps. They are lack of protection from the laws of the local government. According to the Hong Kong immigration policy, it excludes the right of the Indonesian domestic helpers to apply for the permanent residency. These Indonesian domestic helpers have contributed to the Hong Kong society but they cannot enjoy the welfare and gain the awareness from the society or the local government. As they cannot have the rights of permanent residency in Hong Kong, how can they struggle for their rights to follow the Islamic laws on dietary rules and daily worship? How can they fight against these discriminations in the local society? In fact, it is the issue on social justice and social social harmony. Not only the Indonesian domestic helpers, but we should respect all the Muslim society so as to reduce conflicts and maintain social cohesion. It is also a global issue to pursue for equality and strike for peace. We cannot develop the generalization on the Muslim society for the rise of terrorism. Most of them are same as us, they are honest and devoted believers to their religion, which would never be harmful to us. Therefore, we should have mutual confidence and build up equal relationship among us through intercultural communication and
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