Muslim Culture In Pakistan

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MIL CULTURE IN PAKISTAN ARMY 1. Intro. Every society, sys and huge orgs such as Army has certain set of values and traditions. These values and traditions, when combined together form the culture of that particular society, sys or org. Rules and laws can be defined in a day but culture has a distinction that it evolves itself from a no of factors and reasons interacting directly or indirectly with the society, sys or org. 1. Muslims ruled India for seven centuries and they had set sys in every fd of life. The Mughals gave the sys final touches and it reached to its zenith. It was the hardwork of centuries and its bases were traced back to a pure muslim legacy of ruling. It had its roots in the society. The changes in political sys, on the arrival of British to sub-continent left strong cultural marks in India. Pakistan and…show more content…
Demeaning of the Muslim Culture. The British were the successors of the Mughals who were muslims. They therefore went out of their way to demean whatever represented or symbolized muslim rule. This deliberate and sysatic process of demeaning muslim traditions was a necessary adjunct of the British culture in India and needs to be understood:- a. Muslim Rank Names. Take Muslim rank names, for example high ranks like Subedar, Risaldar, Havildar were given to Subordinate JCOs & NCOs. But with the prefix of maj every rank got elevated. High appts of Muslims like “Khan-e-Saamaan” which stood for quarter Master General was used for cook or chef. In the same way “Jamadar” became the sweeper’s title. b. Muslim Dress. The waiters were made to wear sherwani and turbans with high plumes (Shamlas) which were worn by Muslim gentry and Muslim offrs. The doormen of the Hotels and Clubs were given the dresses of Mughal Princes which can be seen even nowadays at the entrances of our five Star Hotels. The liquor man was invariably a Muslim and was expected to wear a beard, which was and is the mark of a religious and respected man among

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