Muslim Religion: Mansa Musa

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Mansa Musa, ruler of the Mali empire, richest man in history, how was he able to gain so much popularity? Mansa Musa was part of the Muslim religion, so it was part of his religion to take a religious journey, also known as pilgrimage or Hajj, to the holy city of Mecca. During his journey to Mecca Mansa gained a lot of popularity and was even able to bring back intelligent people like scientists, doctors, and teachers, to help him create a learning center in Timbuktu. Mansa gained a lot of wealth and popularity on his journey, so was his journey strictly for his Hajj, or was there more to it. Mansa Musa completed his Hajj not only for religous purposes, but to gain wealth, popularity, and to bring smarter people back with him to help him

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