Muslim Separatism In The Subcontinent

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First of all it is to clear that two nations theory represent the clarity of everything that Muslims are separate nations irrespective of ethnic or other commonalities.
But we have to examine factors behind the Muslim separatism in the Subcontinent.
There are many factors which spittle the residents of the sub-continent into two nations. But few of them are as under:

The Muslims and Hindus both have different religion and have different religious values. Islam give teaching of Tauheed (oneness of Allah) and Islamic laws promote equality among mankind. Muslims believes in ALLAH, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and their teachings and ISLAMIC BELIEFS. The Quran refer to as a book of guidance towards life. Where the Hindus obey
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They were simply distinct from other nations in subcontinent on the basis of their community conducts. The Muslim nation values, civilization in addition with literature were the existing and proud signs of the Muslims character as a distinct and separate nation. Even though the Muslims survived with Hindus as well as other nations for hundreds of years, however they proudly maintain their distinct appearance.
Hindu nation is a biased nation who does not accept true philosophy of equality. They think about themselves superiority, therefore they used to appeal Muslims ‘Maleech’ (impure). There was no perception of eating and drinking collectively. Moreover Muslims were not permissible to touch the foodstuff of Hindus. That was the only reason why Muslims demand a separate homeland where they would have liberty, this shows Narrow mindedness of Hindus

Throughout the era of British Government, Muslims of India turn out to be the economic slave of Hindus and political slave of British. To arise from this brutal circle, eventually, Muslims decided to call for a separate
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The Hindus usually burnt their dead bodies while Muslims buried their dead people. Hindus typically considered the ‘Mother cow’ as a holy animal and pray to it whereas Muslims slaughtered it. Hindus performed ‘Sati’ while Muslims hated this custom. The Hindus and Muslims do not inter marry nor do they inter dine.

The two nations of the Subcontinent vary in their societal life as well. The outfits, the foodstuffs, the domestic utensils, the design of houses, the words of greeting, the signs and everything about them was unlike and directly pointed to their distinguishing source.
The Hindus had progress in the educational field since They rapidly and willingly took to the English education. While Muslims did not accept modern learning which seriously affected their economic conditions.
The political differences among the Hindus and Muslims have played a significant role in the progression and development of Two Nation Theory.
Hindi Urdu Controversy
Hindus wanted that Urdu should be transcribed in Hindi Writing in its place of Arabic Script. This shaped one more break among Hindus and

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