Media And Terrorism

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This paper provides an insight into the methods that were adopted for the racial profiling of Muslims after 9/11; as suspected perpetrators of terrorism globally. This paper examines the history and origin of the word islamophobia, some phenomena that is effecting the stature and identity of Muslims worldwide. The purpose of this study is to analyze the tone, structure and themes presented by the print media prior to a terrorist activity, with the aim of finding out whether any inherent bias was visible or not. This paper will explore the role of international press in linking Islam and terrorism and will highlight the effects of subtle print messages that can lead to racial profiling of Muslims and generation of islamophobia. The data for…show more content…
We are surrounded by terrorism whether it is in the form of catchy headlines and stories in leading newspapers, reports by prominent journalists, double fold surveillance or security measures by the police to safeguard us; each and every activity of human life is shaped by trepidation of this proliferating phenomenon. The role of media in shaping the opinions, ideas, point of views and attitudes of the audiences cannot be challenged. Media presents them information and facts about what is happening around the world and how these events affect them, formulating their perspectives. However no terrorist activity can have pervasive influence until it is given maximum exposure by the media. Messages are distributed through a systematic projection to places that are virtually far away from the country or region, where the terrorist activity has taken place; with the aim of proliferating an innate perceptible threat or fear of terrorism at large. The international press uses various metaphors and frames such as ‘Islamic Terrorism’, ‘Muslim terrorist’ and radical Muslim’ to propagate islampohobia; maligning the image of the entire Muslim community. These conscious efforts on the part of media leads to increasing need of surveillance and security, where different methods of racial profiling are used by the police against…show more content…
(The global terrorism index, 2016) highlights that countries including; Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria have seen the highest impact of terrorism in 2015; accounting almost Seventy-Two percent deaths from terrorism alone. ISIL has been considered as the deadliest terrorist organization in 2015 carrying out 252 terrorist attacks in multiple cities, causing 6,141 deaths in just a year. Root causes of terrorism are multi-dimensional and does not involve around psychological, political and socio economic conditions only but it also includes situational and circumstantial factors that are global or indigenous, specific or general, dynamic or static, activating or enabling which fundamentally overlap one another (Sinai,
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