Related Literature Of Islamic Women Essay

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The review of related literature on women in general and Muslim women in particular helps the researcher to develop current knowledge of the concerned field. The related literature has been collected from various books, journals, surveys, articles, and government reports. These studies are given below.
Ansari had divided the Muslims of India into various groups. His work was further modified by Ahmad . This books contained essays on khojas of Bombay, Meos of Rajasthan and Haryana, Mopals of South-West Coast of India, Tamilian Muslims, Muslim of Uttar Pradesh, Muslims of rural West Bengal and Muslims of Laccadives.
Menon (1981) in her study of Muslim women in Kerala found that education had contributed to raise the status of Muslim women. Two important factors hinder educational attainment are the purdha system and lack of meaningful role of educated women. The continued traditional roles of wife and mother and the customs and practices centered on
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All religions have accorded women an inferior status and relegated them to a secondary position. This is true of Islam as well. However, religion itself is the end product of patriarchal society and unless these basic societal values change women will continue to suffer from a situation where religion and patriarchal society are in alliance.
Engineer (2004) reinterprets divine orders from the Quran and customary practices in Islam in light of the basic Islamic estimations of equity and uniformity in this study on women’s status in Islam. He examine socio political qualities and medieval social ethos, not sacred texts are introduced as the starting points of oppressive practices and these qualities are dispersed to give a dream of Islamic gender orientation relations that sanction women full equity out in the open and private life employment and modern

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