Muslims Dbq Essay

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The crusades were a huge thing in the medieval times. They lasted for hundreds of years and people believed it was their religious duty to fight, because they thought it would please God. They were also promised access to heaven, by the pope. The crusades involved three main religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I believe that the muslims were more to blame for the crusades, because they posed the first threat, and because they killed and sold many into slavery. The first reason for why I think the muslims are more to blame is that the crusades would have never started if the seljuk turks ( a sub group of muslims ) had not threatened the christians. In the text it says “ Responding to a threat by the seljuks.” (source #1) This proves my point because it shows the muslims posed the first threat. Another place in the text that proves my point is “ Seljuks ravished the holy land.” (Source #3) This proves my point because it shows that the christians were scared that they wouldn’t be able to go on pilgrimages because the seljuks (muslims) were ruining the the holy city. These two reasons prove that they posed the first threat and that they are more to blame. The next reason for why the muslims are more at fault is that they killed and sold many into slavery. “ Most of conrad's soldiers were killed when they marched.” ( source #2)…show more content…
It also says in the text “ He promised entry to heaven to all who joined the fight.” ( Source #1) This shows that they enticed people so they would join the crusades, but they only did this because they they felt if they didn’t get the holy land back they wouldn't be able to go on pilgrimages. So although they could be blamed for these things they only did them because they felt threatened and
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