Muslims In America

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The rich history and culture of Muslims in America has been integrated into our social norms within the United States. The Muslims living within our country today represent a number of different movements, identities, and struggles that most share on a daily basis. The immigration patterns of Muslim Americans coming to the United States is generally represented within four separate waves. According to the Office of International Information Programs U.S. Department of State, the earliest waves of reported immigrants arrived between the years of 1875-1912. These immigrant groups were representative of some countries of the Middle East that included: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel. The main reasoning behind immigration…show more content…
Once believing they would return home to their native land; this idea was soon changed as economic and political turmoil ensued in the region. As their families began to travel to the United States; the dream of returning home was nullified and they looked on at establishing roots in the United States. As immigration continued to flourish during this time; the United States looked at implementing new policies in order to curb the current flow. The Immigration Act of 1924 which was passed as a result looked at implementing a quota system which set limits of immigration based on national origin and the populations of peoples who resided in the country during 1890. The result of this act brought the second wave of Muslim immigration to screeching halt. The third recognized immigration of Muslim Americans according to the Office of International Information Program was recognized between 1947 to roughly 1960. The Muslims arriving to the United States at this time were arriving from outside the Middle East from countries such as the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. The implementation of The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1953 sought to revise the quota that was initially established in 1924 this in turn reopened immigration to individuals of Western Europe and brought about increased immigration of Muslims from India as well as Pakistan. As opposed to previous Muslim groups that have immigrated in the past; this wave of Muslim immigrants were considered more westernized and educated and sought higher education to better themselves. This wave of Muslim immigrants also focused on moving into bigger metropolises such as New York, or Chicago. (Office of International Information Program U.S. Department of State) The most recent wave of Muslim immigration has been after 1965 after President Johnson repealed any immigration bill that had withstanding

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