Mussolini Communist Party Essay

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Mussolini had been part of the Italian Socialist Party, however, he was soon kicked out of the party due to differing views. The socialist party advocated for neutrality in World War 1, while Mussolini supported Italy taking part in the war. In 1914, he had formed his own fascist party, called the Fascists, however, the party was small, and not very popular. After returning from military service, Mussolini reformed his party from the Fascists to the Italian Combat Squad. This party proved to be more popular, and they gained over 200 members. Mussolini also formed his own “secret police”, called the blackshirts, who mainly consisted of war veterans, with the purpose of taking control away from the communists and socialists in the streets of…show more content…
Kamenev, Bukharin, and Zinoviev, who were some of his rivals for power, were executed in a show trial. Anyone that crossed Stalin met the same fate, and he began to make himself a dictator. Stalin was increasingly paranoid and power hungry, and thought that everyone around him was plotting against him, because of this he demanded constant praise and devotion from his citizens. His first purges began around the early 1930s, when he began to take over the farms from their owners to turn them into collective farms owned by the state. Anyone who refused was executed, and the rest, about 5 million, were deported to forced labour camps located mainly in Siberia. When Ukrainian farmers refused to give up their land, Stalin took away their crops, and as a result, about 10 million Ukrainians starved. Sergey Kirov, a political rival of Stalin, was found murdered in 1934. Stalin, although believed to be behind the murder, used this opportunity to further reduce the numbers of his political rivals, and those who opposed him. Stalin arrested thousands of men (who ‘coincidentally’ opposed him), and imprisoned and executed them. Stalin also used his power to close arrest thousands of religious leaders, and close down nearly all churches, instead replacing them with icons of himself. He banned anything that painted him in a negative light, made himself be written in as a hero in textbooks, and generally forced children to learn that he was the
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