Mussolini's Revenge On Adowa, By David Large

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Mussolini further consolidates his power by eliminating other parties, providing the King to pick from a list approve by Mussolini for the new parliament, ensuring the security of his power. Mussolini exhibits totalitarianism ways, such as censoring the newspapers, and restricting the Italian people’s ideas to secure his total power. He presents himself, displaying himself as a warrior, strong, and fearless. In chapter 4, author David Large discusses Mussolini’s revenge on Adowa, the Ethiopian town, which the Italians were defeated when they tried to take control of the country in 1896. This chapter illustrates Mussolini fearlessness and desire to be seen as a powerful rule, describing in a detailed way Large present Mussolini as the fearless and determined leader he desired to be.…show more content…
He analyzes Mussolini, capturing in great detail, covering how and why his revenge took place. He paints a clear picture for readers the course of actions Mussolini took in order to make Italy into a great power. His brutal revenge on Adowa was just one way Mussolini tried to make Italy seen as a powerful force. Mussolini uses this revenge to unify Italy, using the ideology that war is a unifying experience for a nation. Mussolini though his imperial conquest would help him make Italy a great power, because all the other great powers, such as Germany, Britain, and France had colonials in Africa. Large characterizes Mussolini attitude by stating, “ If achieving this exalted status required war, so much the better.” Large is saying that Mussolini was willing to go to an extreme in order to make Italy a power
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