Mustangs And Burros Essay

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The Mustangs and Burros are rounded up in the western region states. Many of the Wild Mustangs and Burros are captured using helicopters. The BLM may also use bait, or water traps to round up if appropriate. These kinds of methods are generally used to remove smaller herds. The helicopter method is more humane and effective when removing larger herds. By using helicopters workers are able to move the Mustangs and Burros as a pace that allows mares and foals to stay together. Once they enter the trap (corral) they are transported to a temporary holding facility where they are sorted by age, gender and are fed hay and water. Once at the facilities, the BLM will place the wild Mustangs and Burros for adoption. Many Mustangs and Burros are adopted through internet adoptions, and through TIP trainers. The starting adoption fee’s for the Mustangs and Burros…show more content…
The Mustang or Burro had three chances to find a home to get titled. If the Mustang or Burro isn’t titled after three attempts at finding a home, the BLM takes back the Mustang or Burro and bids them off to anyone who wants them. The starting bid is $10, anyone can buy the Mustangs or Burros. Many times the Mustangs and Burros are bought by kill buyers who will send them to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. You have to take different approaches when trying to gentle a wild Mustang or Burro. Some trainers will lunge them till they can be touched, some will play the “catch and release” game, and others will use food reinforcement. The gentling process may take longer for some Mustangs/burros then others. Gentling a wild Burro is normally harder then a Mustang as Burros by nature are more stubborn then Mustangs. When gentling Burros playing the catch and release game is best. Gaining trust in the Burro is also a way of gaining respect. If they don’t trust you, they won’t allow you to do anything with

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