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Name of book: I’m saying what you’re saying Written by: Mustapha Kashief. A book of original Quotes by: Mustapha Kashief. 1. You can sit still and question what happened,or stand up and and decide that something happen. 2. You can have your say…..or you can have your way. 3. Make a way from “No-way”….. and see “Unlimited “ from limited. 4. If your ears are attentive knowledge will be spoken into them. 5. Life is what happens right now, while you’re waiting for what may never happen. 6. There’s no fire without fuel. 7. It’s not how problem deals with the man, but how the man deals with the problem. 8. The victory is most cherished if the battle was rough. 9. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. 10. Greed and stupidity…show more content…
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush….if you’re not the bird, 12. A confused mind may argue that one is not enough….and a million may be too much. 13. The best present from parent to child is to be present, 14. Aspire to live UNTIL you die rather than live JUST to die. 15. You may fool some people for a while, but you can’t fool all the people forever. 16. A winner’s mind is based on preparing, knowing that some failures are possible, while a looser’s mind is based on failing with no preparation. 17. A perfect plan does not mean a perfect finish. 18. One One dutty build dam. 19. You can NEVER con an honest man. 20. DANGER is ANGER well extended. 21. One One Cocoa will full a basket. 22. If you aim at nothing your shot will certainly hit…show more content…
A change of plan is not a change of heart nor a change of direction. 116. A ruined society began in a ruined home. 117. Modesty adorns everything it embraces and Obscenity disfigures everything it embraces. 118. The vision you have for life may not be the vision life has for you. 119. Prejudice is often times disguised a reason. 120. 121. A good lesson is EASY to remember, but HARD to forget. 122. The oxygen of negative people is confusion so ignore it and you’ll strangle them to death. 123. It is better to be quiet and be thought of as a fool that to speak and confirm it. 124. You figure out the HOW and you’ll serve well…you figure out the WHY and you’ll lead well. 125. Hope is like salt too much or too little is not good for you. 126. The mind can hide whats in the heart but the heart never hide whats on the mind. 127. An amateur built the ARK and it sailed while a collection of professionals built the TITANIC and it sunk. 128. Do stupid people believe that they’re smart? 129. You can fool yourself but you cannot hide from the fool you’ve become. 130. Why doubt after you’ve witnessed the PAST and PRESENT? 131. Ungrateful people are those who always remember to receive but always forget to

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