Evil In Mustapha Mond And Brave New World

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Throughout the movies and novels evil was represented in many ways. The action of being evil was shown differently each time. Each character portrayed being evil stronger or weaker than others. For example, Stanley Kowalski was the most evil by his bluntness and way of not caring about others feelings. O’Brien was second evil by him being secretively. Mustapha Mond is third evil due to him having access to control. Lastly Cypher would be least evil due to betrayal.
In the Ironic and sympathetic novel “A Streetcar named desire” Stanley Kowalski showed how evil he really can be. Kowalski had suspected the minuet Stella’s sister Blanche had walked in something wasn’t right about her. He felt as though as if she lost belle reve and family members had died that she should have some inherences. But Blanche claims there was no insurance so she spent all her money on funerals and the house was given up.
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He has very strong power. Mond states “But as I make the laws here, I can also break them” (BNW). He is explaining that he can break the rules and suffer no consequence because he has power. Mond has freedom to do whatever and get away with it in this world. By him having upper level power makes him not guilty for things he might do. The only thing that makes him evil and third evil is that he has control over the people.
In the science fiction movie “The matrix” Cypher comes off as the least evil. Cypher is betraying to others to help himself. He has given up codes that were private. Also he is taking lives form people by stealing them. Cypher comes off as selfish. He states “Ignorance is bliss” (The Matrix). The meaning explains don’t worry about something you don’t know. He is not as important as the other characters listed in the books which makes him least evil. He doesn’t prove or have much evidence on how he can be evil to others. This I why Cypher is least
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