Mutant Burger-Personal Narrative

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It was a sunny afternoon. I had just delved into an interesting novel about a man and his fear of balloons. The millieu of the book was amazing. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in green, pink, and brown trenhcoat and a tye dye fishing hat. He acted in a rather quirk manner. All of a sudden he saw me and started towards me. I got up but as soon as I did he told me to stay. I don 't know why but I listened. He regaled a story of a mutant hamburger who was so calamitous it destroyed all of San Fransisco. I thought it was rather outlandish but by the way he dressed I kind of believed him. He then pulled out a book and cited a passage from it. All I got from it was that I was the only one who could stop the mutant burger.
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