Muua Hominum: A Short Story

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No One by contagioux

Mutua Hominum; Latin for Solidarity.
Light has been shined on the recent incident with this fraternity,
And I’m here to tell you not to join it.

It started when my sister recommended this popular frat in a prestigious university. I was fascinated. When I got into the university, all I wanted to do was to join it. She also told me that no harsh initiation rites would occur, so when I was a weak li’l 17 year old girl it was perfect for me. I entered the university and I already spotted the enormous gallery of paintings of prominent artists. I walked around and I heard a voice from behind. I tensed up. Nervously, I turned around.
“Are you looking for the fraternities around here?”. A gentle and warm voice soothed my anxious
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I haven’t introduced myself properly.”, she paused. She cleared her throat.
“I am Elianna, the president of the renowned fraternity Mutua Hominum.”, she stated. I was astounded. “W-wow.”, I stuttered.
“I’ve heard a lot about you guys. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Lara and I’ve been wishing to join Mutua Hominum.”, I was relatively on edge. I couldn’t hold in my excitement. I heard honks from behind and the doors opened. I guess it was time to say goodbye to Elianna, but that was just a guess. She gestured me to hop into her car and so I followed. She was leading me to the location of the frat.
When we got there, I was shocked. A golden, glossy building with the words “Mutua Hominum” hanging atop, written in shiny letters. I was too absorbed in the design of this building when I didn’t realize that our other “sisters” were waiting for me to enter. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. A shining hall with different paintings by different renowned artists. I looked around me and I saw tons of members rushing up to hug me.
“This is your initiation. Once each member hugs you individually, you’re in the frat.”, Elianna stated. This was the best initiation I had. Nothing like what you see in the movies, where the newcomers get slapped and beaten up. Elianna was interrupted by the beeping of her

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