Mutual Aid System

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What is the mutual aid system and what are the dynamics of the mutual aid system? Mutual aid system is when a group of people comes together to help each other. Everyone in the group contribute to a certain cause. For example a group of people could be suffering with depression. So they would all could all come together have talk to each other about ways to cope with depression. There are many benefits to mutual aid system; one benefit is that people are networking with each other. Another benefit is that people will know that they are not alone. This list can go on for a very long time. They dynamics of the mutual aid system is sharing information or data, dialectical process, discussing taboo areas, the all in the same boat phenomenon, developing…show more content…
There are different types of group structure which are “fixed member meeting, open ended, teenaged survivors of sexual abuse, residential groups as in group homes, and group in a school setting” (Shulman, 2014, p. 361-362). How does group composition and timing impact professional practice? Group composition and timing impact is very important in professional practices. Group composition and timing is important because if the group is too large everyone might not be able to share their opinions. If everyone is not interacting with the group this can cause the group to fall apart, because some people may feel like they are not apart of the group. What are some ethical issues in group practice? Some ethical issues in-group practicing is confidentiality, conflict between group members and group decision-making. Sometime in a group it can be hard to keep members confidentiality simple because it is not an individual setting it is a group setting which means that there is higher probability that member confidentially wont be kept. Shulman, L. (2012). The Skills of Helping Individulas, Families, Groups, and Communities. California:…show more content…
I think that in a group setting the ethical issue that social workers should be aware of is breach of confidentiality. Some people do not like to attend group meeting solely primary because of this ethical issue. Also most people that do attend group meeting may not be completely honest because they are fearful of breach of confidentially. Whenever a client agrees to see a therapist, generally they already know that they have confidentially. So there is a big difference between confidentiality in a group setting vs. individual counseling. As a social work student I cant help but to think that I would be focused more on progression within the group. I just don’t think that there is a way to ensure people confidentiality in a group setting. I like the fact that you brought up mandating reporting. We talked about that in our field practicum. Some people may not be comfortable talking about their assault to a person that they know is going to report the situation. Simple because that person may feel like they are not talking to a therapist anymore, they may feel like they are talking to the police for an investigation. For example if a women who was sexually assaulted they may seek treatment with a therapist to talk an out this situation. However the sexual assault was never reported. As soon as the social worker or therapist goes over some the agency policy the women might change her mind about seeking treatment because they can no longer feel

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