Discrimination In Health Care Travels

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Nondiscrimination Policy
We are committed to Mutual Respect and Inclusion
At the center of Health Care Travels’ philosophy is a strong commitment to making the world one big family by providing a platform for the propagation of meaningful and value-adding experiences among people from every part of the United States of America.
Health Care Travel is dedicated to fostering an all-embracing community where people from every background are always welcome and respected, irrespective of how far they are away from home. Our platform is built on the principle of mutual respect and inclusion between the travelers and the hosts. We believe these two principles are critical to making every user of the Health Care Travel platform feel comfortable with
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We have a mission to build a platform devoid of discrimination, intolerance, and unlawful bias. This is why Health Care Travels employees, guests, and hosts are urged to read and act according to the provisions of the policy below to ensure that every member of the community feels welcome in any part of the USA.

Mutual Respect
Mutual respect marks all our interactions and encounters. At Health Care Travels, we appreciate the diversity of cultures and backgrounds in our community and expect guests and hosts to be respectful during their engagements. While our primary objective is to make short-term accommodation for healthcare professionals stress-free, we are also determined to promote appreciation and understanding of the differences among members of our community.

The Health Care Travels platform is open for use by every guest and host irrespective of their race, religion, gender, and nationality. Our platform is devoid of racism, prejudice, and bias. Hosts on our platform are mandated to follow extant legislation proscribing discrimination based on attributes such as religion, race, nationality and other stereotypical factors. We will also do our best to reduce any form of discrimination on our platform to the barest
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Hosts should contact Health Care Travels customer support regarding questions about their obligations to abide by our Nondiscrimination policy.

Race, Color, Nationality, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, or Marital Status
Health Care Traveler hosts may not
Turn down a guest based on race, nationality, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, marital status, or ethnicity.
Impose unfavorable terms or conditions on account of the guest’s racial roots, color, nationality, ethnicity, gender identity, marital status, or religious identity.
Make any statement or post any listings that show preference for/against or discourages a guest based on their race, nationality, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, marital status, or ethnicity.

Health Care Traveler hosts may not
Disapprove guests rent application on account of gender except where the Host shares living spaces such as the bathroom, common areas, and kitchen with the guest.
Impose different terms and conditions on account of gender except where the Host and the Traveler share living
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